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Here is another one. It's the commercial from our track. I am right at the beginning at right at the end. Badgto is in it, my Dad's car is in it and you can see Adam Woodmancy in the other lane with me.


Come take a ride http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7Y8Awfk2I0
2008, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2019 Central Il Dragway Mod track champion
and 2015 IHRA Div 5 Mod champion

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First one is of my Wagon a few years back:

Second is from the inside of my Wagon back in 1995:

Going TurboCharged!
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Last time out


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77 Grand Prix twin grand national turbo's on a 462. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6ovLUMMDs

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77 Grand Prix twin grand national turbos on a 462

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Default Calvin Hill Jr. & Sr. action

Jr.'s stick car ('65 GTO): 11.05 ET


Sr.'s stick car ('59 Catalina): 10.49 ET


Sr. vs Jr.: Norwalk 2008 (Sr.'s car was still working out the bugs)


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My first time ever on the strip.467 muncie 4 speed,3:90 posi.

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My car this pass summer.

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My 10.8 pass at Cecil County.

Drove to the track, about an hour drive, raced and drove home again.


"Everyone is entitled to be stupid sometimes, but you're abusing that privilege"


1967 Pontiac GTO
1967 Pontiac Grand Prix
1972 Pontiac Lemans Sport Convertible
2015 Dodge Challenger ScatPack 392, 6 speed
2017 Ford Explorer AWD
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Here's one of my best all motor passes. This was with the Victor manifold on my 406 stick shift car.


'69 Firebird 400
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455 bored .040 over gives 464.7 cid
Hedman Husler 2 hedders
Comp Cams custom solid flat tappet cam (250, 256, 112 LSA)
Scorpion 1.74 roller rockers (net valve lift after lash s/b .593 & .602)
KRE aluminum D-port heads
80 cc combustion chambers
CNC ported to flow 290 cfm @ 28 (see flow sheet)
10.9:1 comp.ratio
Moroso 3 vane vacuum pump
Pro-Systems Holley HP 1000 cfm carb
Huricane single plane intake

1978 Firebird Trans Am, all metal body, all glass windows
Moser 9 inch rear end, 35 spline axles, spool, 4.29 gears
10 point chromemoly cage
Competition Engineering Slide-a-link bars in rear
Hoosier 30 x 9 radial slicks
JPT C4 transmission with JW Ultrabell (GM to Ford C4)
JPT 10 converter, 4600 rpm stall
Weight with driver: 3320 lbs


Best 60 ft. 1.369
Best e.t. 10.42

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How about this 79 455 T/A - Wicked - has run a 10.59.
Its his Strip and street car - turn up the volume --Awesome .

The Bandit Rules - Make mine with a SD-455 Engine .
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Not a full pass, working out the suspension gremlins.

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You may have seen these before but the "sticky" is a great idea

408 Pontiac Jetsprint boat in the International Group A class (412 CID limit)

We are restricted to iron heads / block / valve limits (2.125"/1.770"), 1-11/16" trottle bore carb etc etc.

We run Jim Robertson #48's wacked about 070 with relocated pushrods, offset intake rockers and a whole bunch of his tricks and about 6 months worth of grinding LOL

Engine runs at 5800-6400 during a run for 50-60 seconds depending on the the track

We havnt won a race yet but have been on the podium against the Chevies with there 330cfm Iron Eagle this and Pro Action that heads while we run something made in the 60's / 70's

One is a night time meeting and then a couple if in boat from other meetings




Working on going faster (and now staying dry at the same time !!)
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Send a message via AIM to Fish

I just put a bunch of the old vids I did on YouTube...


YouTube videos.
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Here's one of the GTO at Richmond Dragway this year.525 engine/powerglide 4.56 gear,3500+lbs


Jeff Verdi
2016 Spring Fling Million Winner
2016 CARS Million Winner
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Thumbs up M/T at Bonneville 406 MPH Run


I posted this in the Lobby a few days back but I think it needs to be here too.

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Here's one from last weekend. Not a great pass, hit the rev limiter. Still getting used to how fast that one two shift has been coming up!, but was running low 9.20's for the most part.

66 GTO
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wow ron the gto leaves super hard now. did you make any chassis or tire adjustments too or just the extra hp?

1969 carousel red firebird 455, richmond 5 speed
1964 540 gto
1971 lemans sport convertible
1972 Maverick under slow construction
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Hey Jeff, I raised the compression to 14.1 and advanced the cam 4 degrees. Steve did some additional grinding and freshening on the heads. I think that advancing the cam woke up the bottom end more than anything else we did and it didn't sacrifice any top end. Other than replacing all 4 tires this spring, the chassis is the same. The slicks are hooking much harder than before. I think the additional torque is making the suspension work better with the additional shock to the tires. When are you getting out?

66 GTO

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