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Here is a NA pass in the TA at BMP.


And then one on the bottle, but I had to peddle it off the line. And I didn't know it was a Pro Tree either.


And one showing just how quiet the car really is...


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Here is a pass I made last week...crappy 60', spun off the line, let off 1-2 shift, powershifted the rest.


65 GTO, 3800#, 474, KRE Dport 330 cfm, 11:1 on pump gas, XE 242 248 solid roller, T56 trans, 3.90 gear, 11.26 @ 124 mph
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Here one of my wifes car. Not the best pass but its a pass.


1969 Firebird NHRA S/ST
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Vids from this summer....looking for better 60' times with new slicks, shifter and rebuilt tranny.


'69 Pontiac 400 YA, .060 over, stock crank, 10.2:1 comp, CAT H-beam rods, HS 1.65 rockers, Crane cam 248/252 660 lift, Edelbrock 72cc heads ported 300 cfm, Performer RPM Intake, Ruggles 800 cfm Q-jet, Summit 140 gph electric fuel pump, 12 bolt 4.10 posi, 200-4R, Transgo HD shift kit, 2800 stall, aluminum radiator, 2" MadDog Headers, DMH 3" cutouts.

12.51 et @ 111 mph
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Talking 67 Firebird

First weekend out in June of 08 after building since 01. 455, 320 E-heads, Toilet on alcohol TH400, 3.90 gear. Motor was put together from parts from 2 motors. Had to retard the cam and use .050 Cometics to get correct Piston to valve clearance. ( D port pistons). Chassis is straight and true at 150+ @ 8.90 on N2o). Best of 9.59 N/A @ 2900#. This was a licensing weekend and car would not idle too good. Found out that the toilet butterfly was bent from a previous N20 backfire. Next year a 535 will sit between the rails for low 9's N/A and mid 8's on N2O). This was taken at Grand Bend Ontario. First video is the motor break in cruise around the pits. Other two are lic. runs. ... Eric


Runner Up Q16 Norwalk 2013!
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R/T .049
60' 1.960
330' 5.392
1/8 8.265
1000' 10.739
1/4 12.817
mph 108.45


462 with e-heads, performer rpm XE-274- 3.73rear 4spd (supercase m-22).

i was more impressed with the video quality of a $30 camera, than my pass.

1970 gto (4spd) 462 500 hp
11.940@114.21 / 1.843 60'/ 3980 lbs

1964 corvette roadster
1968 corvette roadster
1962 corvette

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I dont race a 4spd because it is easy, I race a 4spd because it is hard.

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Atco with old chassis


VMP - my Pontiac commercial



East Coast Pontiac engine builder - still going strong
4 month waiting list
email spotfam@verizon.net

1981 Trans Am 455 w/6X heads 4 speed 4 wheel disc (for sale)
1969 Trans Am clone 9.79 at 139 so far
1964 Banshee clone project - Opel GT platform
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Nice vids, Paul!

John Wallace - johnta1
Pontiac Power RULES !!!

Winner of Top Class at Pontiac Nationals, 2004 Cordova
Winner of Quick 16 At Ames 2004 Pontiac Tripower Nats

KRE's MR-1 - 1st 5 second Pontiac block ever!

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2009 Centerville Dragway 17th Annual Street Legal State Championships highlight vid:


2:15 & 4:00 min mark

458" Pontiac stock block/crank
Standard pushrod location E-heads
Victor Intake
Pro- Systems Dominator
Pontiac Dude solid roller cam
Cold Fusion plate with a .073 jet

BTE power glide 1.76:1 first
Neal Chance Racing Converter
9" 3.89 rear gear
315/60 M/T et street drag radial on a 10" wheel

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Great Lakes Dragaway Labor Day Weekend



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Here is one of my car this past Sunday, November 1. The temp was 74 degrees, humidity around 44 % and barametric preasure of 29.99. DA was around 2100 feet. Car weights 3900 pounds with me in it, 3.50 gear, wrong converter, this converter was built for my 461. 535 cid IAll block, with wide port Edelbrock heads, Victor and 1150 Dominator carb.


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Run 11/8/1009
I'd already run four sessions Saturday and three on Sunday before this race so me and the car were pretty tired.

After giving my car some attention and getting the front tires rotated on the rims to try and coax one more race from them I was starting to get concerned with the car, it had never been pushed that hard that many sessions over one weekend, I had boild the brake fluid and bled them twice and the front wheel bearings were getting toasted and groaning.
I used the last session before the race to check things out, I wanted to be sure I had something left for the race. So I only ran a few 7/10’s laps and brought it back in, added some fuel, checked everything over again and waited for the race.

Jim, the director wanted to do a standing start. At first I thought, “Hey, if they’d let me do a burnout first I could launch past everyone drag race style” it is a Pontiac after all.
But given my tranny and rear gear I was more than happy to do a rolling start.
The they decided to invert the field with high HP cars in the rear, so to the rear I went.

Gridded for the race start we took the track, Matt, the guy gridded beside me in the green Turbo VW, stabbed his brakes to warm his tires, I stabbed mine and they went to the floor and I almost nailed him in the rear, I spent the rest of the warm up trying to build up some pedal pressure.

Coming down the front stretch I was in the back and luckily I was also on the right, when the flag dropped I laid back and stayed right in case I lost my brakes and had to bail, always give yourself and out.
But at the turn I had some brakes but gave up two spots, I was able to get one back from 3-4 and I wasn’t too concerned since I knew I could chase about everyone but Matt down just with horsepower.

As I picked a few off I started catching the field, then the Pink Panther BMW comes on track late, another lap later I’m coming up on the field but rather than try a daring inside move into turn one with iffy brakes I backed off letting the Panther have the turn, but once I could get back on the throttle I was able to power by.
But my little race against the lap down Panther would let the field get back away again.

During the next lap I felt the front wheel bearings groaning, I realized I wouldn’t have enough time to catch the field again anyway so I back it down to about 7/10’s as I was determined to finish since I knew I wouldn't get past by anyone.

All in all I was well pleased with the race, I was hoping to battle Matt for the win as we'd had some intense runs together all weekend, but starting in the back I just couldn’t get through the field as easily as he could.


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John Langer


Originally Posted by PontiacMatt72 View Post
ET/mph talks, bullchit walks.
6.98 @ 199mph
4.53 @ 164mph
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Jeff Kinsler


Originally Posted by PontiacMatt72 View Post
ET/mph talks, bullchit walks.
6.98 @ 199mph
4.53 @ 164mph
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Lil Jack 8.49



Originally Posted by PontiacMatt72 View Post
ET/mph talks, bullchit walks.
6.98 @ 199mph
4.53 @ 164mph
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Default Getting used to the car


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My best run to date in my 67. Always driven to the track never trailered.


"Everyone is entitled to be stupid sometimes, but you're abusing that privilege"


1967 Pontiac GTO
1967 Pontiac Grand Prix
1972 Pontiac Lemans Sport Convertible
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2017 Ford Explorer AWD
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2 vids of my first serious passes with this new combo... should do much better next season, I hope :-)



*** THE BIG BRACE is here ***
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Top 452, I loved that car!

69GTO, that's going to be a wild ride once you get it sorted out.

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Thumbs up New in car cam from '09

Here are 3 new in car runs I made this year in the bird. It was getting the front end up pretty high. I wish I had made more vids. This is going to be a long winter.


Come take a ride http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7Y8Awfk2I0
2008, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2019 Central Il Dragway Mod track champion
and 2015 IHRA Div 5 Mod champion

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