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Thumbs up Pontiac Racing Videos:

I think this should be a sticky and people can add their Pontiac track vids. From drag racing to road race.

Then post a little info about the car and engine combo. Time and place.

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Ill start it off,this is from the spring,first time out with new combo in sig.
Pump gas 93 oct combo.
full exh including tail pipes
10.18 at 134 mph

Car has come a long way since then,9's to come in coming weeks!


9.81 at 139.89mph
Butler 468,11.3:1 comp,N/A,PUMP 93 OCT GAS!
370cfm butler eheads
port matched victor
1095 king demon

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Pontiacs in the Park. VMP 2008. Heads up Streetcar Shootout.

73 pills in a Big Shot plate. Stock suspension 3450 lbs.

Hydraulic Roller AND Pump gas. 9.30@144

Other lane is Joey Deyton out of Maryland. Fun times.


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Here's Jeff Kinsler and I at PITP 2008 Heads-Up Streetcar Shootout.


East Coast Mafia TTFMF

Making CVWHAT's great again. I guess it took a deplorable ECM member to do it!

Originally Posted by Ray Cox View Post
Holly cow we must be some dume corn huskers here in indiana or somthing!!!

Fastest Blow-thru Pontiac powered car in the Country 8.440@166.97 (3465lbs)

Fastest Pontiac CV-1 car on the planet with only 6 passes on the combo: 4.80@147.65/ 7.49@180.12MPH (3365lbs)
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NASA at Road Atlanta in June, lots of changes since, can't wait to make a new video.

1968 Firebird, road race.
8 point cage w/ 2 x 3 welded connectors
Global West Cat 5 rear leafs
Billet A arm shafts w/ solid bushings front
Solid 1/2" lower body mounts
Kirkey RR seat, 5 point harness
22 gallon Jaz cell
365 cu in Pontiac
11:1 w/ KRE 290's w/ 2.07-1.66
Solid lifter cam w/ 1.65 rockers
SD Rods w/ clevite pistons
ARP Studded mains
Canton pan, melling pump
Front mounted oil cooler
Front mounted PS oil cooler
Remote oil Filter
MSD Pro Billet dist w/ 6AL
MCleod Auminum RR Flywheel, dual 8" iron discs
M-20 w/ Hurst comp plus
10 bolt posi 3.08
Vented rotors front w/ cooling ducts
Drum rear.
8" Rally II's rear
7" rally II's front
Goodyear vintage Blue Streak Bias tires
Attached Thumbnails
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Name:	June 09.JPG
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This is from one of the 10.0 index races at Atco. There are 2 pontiacs that compete but I am the only one with a pontiac engine. I am 4th in points behind a 67chevelle, 92mustang and 84regal.

This one is a slow motion one from a qualifying pass

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Not our fastest pass but it sure was fun !!


65 Catalina sedan. Allen Thomas Performance 495. KRE Heads at 310cfm ported by SD Performance, ProSystems Dominator carb on ported Victor intake, P-Dude custom grind hydraulic roller, MSD ignition, 3.50 Moser/Ford rear. F-Glass front bumper by son Rob, rear by the old man and joint effort for trunk lid. 3950# w/driver. Best of 9.5761/139 on 175 shot, 6.01 /114 in 1/8.
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Here's my brother's '69 GTO on the Goodguys Autocross in Columbus, OH.
505 C.I., dynoed at 606 hp and 640 tq
310 cfm Edelbrock heads, 1.5 rockers
Comp hyd. roller 252/262 magnum lobes 110 LSA
Victor and 1050 Pro Systems Dominator
1 7/8 Dougs Headers w/3" exhaust and Super 44 mufflers
TH-400 w/Gear Vendors
3.73 geared 12 bolt
Air Ride suspension
18" wheels w/Nitto 555's
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Only video I have of my car, thanks to Bernie Cutrone. 11.03 Pass


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This is my '73 T running a tunnel ram and 200 shot nitrous. This site has a lot about my TA and this page covers a write up of the run that night. This was prior to the turbo install. Mark L http://www.americantorque.com/page/1/63/


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This is my wagon running at Gateway test n tune April and October of 2008. Pump gas 468 with un-ported #96 d-ports, UD 231/239 @.050, THM400 and 3.23 8.2. 4000 lbs with me in it. 180hp jetted plate on a RPM and Torker2. 28x9.5 14" ET drag.



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This is the only video of my car that I am aware of that is still on the Internet. There are several races on it. It took place at Madras, OR on the Memorial Day weekend. It is an eighth mile track. My first run is in about 35 seconds.


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Not our best pass but here is one.
8.39 @164

Originally Posted by PontiacMatt72 View Post
ET/mph talks, bullchit walks.
6.98 @ 199mph
4.53 @ 164mph
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best pass so far with new combo. ran this oct 17th at cedar falls . 67 lemans 535 blow thru with an 83 mm turbo ran 10.53 at 126 with a 1.49 60 foot 4100lbs with me in the car. too bad i hurt the turbo that weekend . oh well i wanted to go bigger anyway.



67 LE MANS in pieces...
68 gto
84 grand prix twin turbo 496 pontiac 25.3 cage
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Interesting view for a video, from the door on my old Discomobile (thanks Fish!):


Just a blind squirrel looking for a nut.
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Here is a not so good video of the quickest pass on my car so far.



71 Firebird, best 1/8th mile time of 5.02 at 142 at altitude in Vegas
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Here's our car running in the final round of the Tri-Power Nat's in the King of the Hill race:


If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you can read this in English, thank a Veteran!
73 Ventura, SOLD 455, 3740lbs, 11.30's at 120mph, 1977 Pontiac Q-jet, HO intake, HEI, 10" converter, 3.42 gears, DOT's, 7.20's at 96mph and still WAY under the roll bar rule. Best ET to date 7.18 at 97MPH (1/8th mile),
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both of HK Motorsports Dyno Shop street cars @ 11sec passes


someone who thinks logically is a nice contrast to the real world.
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Here is one of mine from this past Friday night....


1969 GTO hardtop(warwick blue)
1969 GTO Judge Ram Air III
1970 GTO Ram Air III
1972 GTO 455(Feb.2006 HPP shootout)
1971 Trans Am (Super Stock)
2006 GTO ( Cyclone Grey)
1973 Firebird Formula
1979 Trans Am 4 speed
1967 Olds 442- Pinks All Out -Zmax 2010
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Thumbs up

good times!

1978 ,t/a 3660# 455 2010 / 1/8 7.86 1/4 12.40 @ 109,19
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMxhM...eature=related 12.01@109
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MC-dganA2jQ 100 shot 11.78. A,ll new head cam combo 96 ported bye Mike Chell!! Comp cam yes the 284 XE. Firsthand outing of the street 7.69 1/8 12.15 109.47 hot and humid.not hooking. 1.73 60.

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