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I think you are fine with that. I would run it.

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I talked with the machine shop I use. They said full groove main bearings are not a requirement when using straight shot oiling.

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We use 1/2 and 3/4 groove main bearings in Crower and Moldex billet cranks which have straight shot oiling. I like the extra support for the crankshaft in the cap area.

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Try some Sealed Power main bearings. They normally measure quite a bit small than the Clevite's, thickness wise. They are 3/4 groove too. They may get you the extra clearance you're looking for.

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Thanks everyone for the responses. I have one more bearing set on the way and I’ll decide after that what to do. Be watching for bearings on the Parts for sale page ��.

Hoping to finish a project while I'm still able to push the clutch in....

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Have the block main line honed to max spec. try diff brands of bearings, they all seem different

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Originally Posted by tekuhn View Post
I installed the King MB5511XPSTDX and measured .0030" to .0035" clearance. Apparently they are sized slightly looser than the Clevite. I know the "rule" is .001" per inch of diameter, so I'm now on the loose side of acceptable. The crank is on the small side of acceptable at 2.9990. I could get a set of STD and close that up to about .0025" to .003". Suggestions?
Your clearance of .003 to .0035 is ideal you can't go wrong with those clearances.

Tim Corcoran

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