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Old 10-10-2021, 02:07 PM
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Default Local Menards store nearly out of aerosol spray paint.

I went to pick up a can of spray paint at my local Menards. The aerosol paint section was literally empty. A few cans of safety colors, and handful of hammered and texture colors and the rest just completely empty. I stood in amazement and a clerk passing by said "Impressive selection, huh?" We both shook our heads. Apparently this is the new normal.

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I noticed the same thing at my local Menards.
I guess its the latest of the trickle down evect of the woohan flu!.
Every thing is slow all over!

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Menards was readying an area across from Westmoreland Mall near Greensburg pa. It's been on hold for couple months. One rumor the economy ,another I heard the new gambling casino at the mall wants the area for a nice hotel. Funny Menards bought the area with a older hotel complex on it and tour it down.

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Found them;
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Thats alot of paint....

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Was in the paint section of Home Depot today and it looked normal.


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Our Lowes was nearly empty yesterday too. As you said, mostly oddball colors left.

Old 10-11-2021, 03:09 AM
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Our local Home Depot has been about 50% empty in the spray paint aisle for a couple of months now.

Old 10-11-2021, 08:43 AM
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Was at at our local Lowes over the weekend, same situation. Barely any spray paint. I had no idea this was on the no show list as well!

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Besides the cargo ships that can't get into the ports to get unloaded because of not enough workers to unload them. They can't get the drivers to deliver them warehouses. Then the warehouses can't get drivers to deliver them to local areas. Then the stores can't get deliveries to their stores because of no drivers. Let alone no workers at each of these warehouses to load/unload stuff.

Etc., Etc., Etc.

Not including all the stores not getting anyone to work reliably to even put them on the shelves if they had any product to put on the shelves.

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Spray paint shortage........

Paint suppliers experiencing shortage of paint, pandemic is not the only reasons

Others on the topic.


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Was just at Home Depot again today. I'm usually there for Rustoleum ... I see a bad thing happening. They used to have five shelves of Rustoleum quart oil based paint, now it's ONE, looks like the EPA is striking, they've replaced almost all of the oil based paint with Latex ... who the heck is going to paint metal with latex.

Old 10-11-2021, 02:31 PM
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For quite a few years now couldn't buy oil base house paint in Illinois. Went to Wisconsin to buy.


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I buy my share of paint from Sherwin Williams for may day job. 'My' local store has bare shelves for all of the paint. I peaked into the back and their storeroom shelves were bare as well. The larger commercial store I use as a backup seems to have enough, but who knows?

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Was in local mega-low-mart today and took a gander over at the spray paint aisle -
it was very slim pickings. (lots of empty slots)
They had already downsized the selection several months ago to about half the aisle.

Lowes Hardware is the only big selection source we have left.
Have not checked them out in a couple of months.
They still have Rustoleum Qts ($10) of oil base there too. (Lowes)
Our walmart dropped it about a year ago

Our Lowes can also mix oil base enamel in any color (Valspar)

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