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Originally Posted by scott70 View Post
When we put the nose on my 70 gto we jacked the front off the ground by the cross member. Install the nose and then let it back on the ground onto the suspension. It would move the nose tighter to the fender. Surprising how much things move around by just jacking the front of the car off the ground. The engine was in the car.Getting the nose where I was content was alot of moving the nose left and right,,,,up and down. And still isn't that great as far as being even and flush everywhere. The nose shrunk length wise over the years. And you can only bring the front of the fenders together just so much because the hood is a certain width. I'm not a body guy and it drove me nuts. I had to walk away and regroup a few times.
Ive had the same issues with a 69 GTO that I did. The bumper was in bad shape like this one. I took it off the car and patched it up and forgot about it. When I went to bolt it up it was way off and had to be redone. With this 70 I left the car intact and patched up the bumper and did a test fit. I was lucky this time and everything lined up so now Im doing final touch up and primer. These things are very tricky. I almost decided to look for a better one until I saw the price people wanted for a decent one. Ive got around 40 hours in this one so far. I couldn't imagine what a body shop would charge to fix it right.