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Originally Posted by SRR View Post
Is that a 50cc pump on the primary side? Holy crap, she gonna run real rich. Does look like a good carb. for the money. Had a Holley spread bore on my 70 GTO years ago, ran real good.
I and Cliff Ruggles would disagree with you on his 850 cfm Holley Carb with the 50cc pump on the carb ON THE FRONT.

In some applications if you add the 50cc pump and open up the air bleeds on the primary side of the carb about .004" the set-up is happy with the 50cc pump on the front. I helped Cliff with his carb.

The KRE guys dynoed that Holley carb and they told Cliff:
"Don't touch that carb it is perfect on the dyno."

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