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Originally Posted by Tom Vaught View Post
1) #6213 800 CFM Carbs use "Center Hung Float Bowls that can be swapped on a 650 cfm #6210 carb and metering blocks.

2) The accelerator pump discharge hole from the #6213 "Center Hung Float Bowls" is in a different location vs the normal 650 to 850 square bore carbs bowls.

3) The metering blocks are also different between square bore carbs and spread bore carbs BUT the metering blocks interchange between the 650 and 800 spread bore carbs once you change the Jetting and Power Valves.

4) The Dual Bowl Fuel Line is also unique to spreadbore carbs.

5) All of the spread bore carbs use the "Johnson" (a Holley VP's) primary/secondary double pumper linkage design.

Tom V.
You are right. The 4150 bowl will not fit the spreadbore carbs. The hole is just a little off. You wouldn't happen to know what part # those spreadbore bowls are. My book says N/S. Which stands for not serviceable. Must be a typo.

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