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Default NGK Plug

Good day everyone... Does anyone know if a NGK Spark Plug exists that is the same as the NGK R5673-8, but in a Resistor plug? They are for 6X heads, and need to be 5/8" wrench, .460" reach, tapered seat, perferably "Non-Projected" tip. The engine is a 461 with a single SXE480 billet turbo making maybe 800+hp with 10-15 lbs of boost. 100% street car on pump gas. I will be running the Holley XFlow 1375 EFI, and it recommends "Resistor" plugs to keep RFI problems in check. I think the heat range of the R5673-8 would work great for me, but I need it to be a "Resistor" plug. Anybody have a recommendation for a part number? Thank You

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