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Originally Posted by Colin70TA View Post
Sirrotica, no worries and I appreciate any input. The reason for this car is we have been doing track days with our stock chassis cars and I just don't feel comfortable going fast and not having proper safety around me. We are building the car to potential run classes at our track but if/when we run them it wouldn't be for a long time, 35 with two small girls gives me little weekends free. The idea for the car was to do the best we can on a budget but not skimp on safety and as funds are found down the road upgrades can be made. In a perfect world it would be done all at once but budget isnt there. Issue with that is I want to drive and become a faster driver and I want to be safe so this my best way of doing that.
My 70TA has a TH400 in it and it's seen plenty of autocross and track days and I can assure you that your right, if it was a 4 speed car I would have been slower!

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I commend you for taking the initiative to race safely, respecting your family and putting their best interests above everything else. I have seen some very dangerous race cars in my many years in and around the oval track pits, and road courses. I have also heard some track owners make some absolutely stupid remarks regarding safety of fans and drivers.

I was once told by a pit steward, that my 67 GTO, (in the second pic in my signature), had too many bars in the drivers door, WTF..............................

My response was that it was my A$$ sitting in that seat, and when their butt was in the seat would they want less protection? That ended the discussion pretty quickly.

One time at a drivers meeting I broached the subject of oversize wheel studs not being allowed. The track owner said a wheel coming off a car adds a little excitement for the fans. I then said, that a wheel going into the grandstands should be the ultimate in excitement .............. we were allowed oversize studs after that exchange..........

Stay safe in your pursuits, there are no good wrecks in motorsports. I hate to see anyone taken out of their cars, and put into an ambulance at any racing venue. Go fast, but be safe above all.

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