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Great thread and a lot of useful information.

Nice of GTO-relic to take the time to input the BG stuff.

Personally I never had luck with most of the original BG carbs. We would usually go faster with a well tuned Holley.

While I agree Holley had some QC issues, from my first hand experience BG's was a lot worse. I recall a customer purchasing a "top shelf" 1000'ish cfm annular booster carb from BG. He was so proud to show me the carburetor which looked fantastic. I stuck my pinky finger in the booster to size it and I recall pushing a shaved ring of metal from the bottom of my pinky finger and pulling it off to hand to the owner. He wasn't very happy, nor was the guy that answered to phone at BG the following Monday.

I was told by a big name professional carburetor builder that the original lawsuit Holley had against BG and won had to do with the air entry angle that Holley owned the rights to and BG had to change. He claimed this was the reason out Holley carbs were faster than the BG's. He also stated the all of the fast big name cars that had BG stickers on them were running Holley main bodies with BG float bowls.... I have no idea if this information is correct but it seemed plausible at the time.

By the way the BG 1000ish cfm carburetor was replaced by a professionally built 1000 cfm Holley after the owner tested my big Holley back to back at the track and the Holley was faster.

I do think BG had a great program, meant well and I wish he was still in operation.

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