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Tom, I'm thankful for this thread, and the Ford historical info on the GT40 carbs.
I'm a GT40 fanatic, but I'll never get beyond building the vintage plastic Revell models cuz of the entrance fee.
that's what originally pulled this thread up on my radar. a 427 FE Ford with Holleys that beat Ferraris is awesome cool in my book.
I mean no disrespect or insult. the fact is I've worked on hundreds of Holley carbs and they all had the same problems,
which is why back in the 1980-90's we'd buy junkyard $10 Qjet 800 cores, rebuild them with a $20 kit, and end up with a better street carb than most Holleys, for $30 investment.
I'd look at those Holleys and just wonder, why do they have such a cool design, then have such carelessly rich fuel metering settings, and schit QC.
just wanted to set the record straight on Barry Grant, having spoken to him on the phone 25 years ago,
and having a carb built by him, it's a damned shame he went out of business.
he really did not inflate cfm numbers- he wet flowed them, adjusted the venturis to many non-stock sizes up and down- and the scalloped entry, and improved smoother castings added significant flow. He basically bored out all the carb venturis .020"-.030" over a stock Holley size to begin with, it's common sense they'd flow a little more. It really was just very well thought out, sound engineering.

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