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the problem with Holley carbs, and all carbs in general, is the fixed metering orifices, and having to disassemble, remove jets, rods, springs to adjust them.
the entire carb should be adjustable with needles like the idle mixture screws.
imagine a Holley carb with 6 needle screws per block.
2 for idle mixture, 2 for idle jet, 2 for main jet- for starters
you could also add adjustment screws for idle, main air bleeds, and power valve channel restriction
then it would be truly analog, infinitely adjustable fuel/air
one good thing about the Qjet and Carter designs was, being able to at least change some of the metering rods, hangers from the top, without taking the carb apart
these things CAN be done. the new Edelbrock carb is impressive, but too many jets ! I'm swimming in boxes of jet kits the way it is, for air bleeds, main jets, power valve, idle jets.
needle jet screws would do the trick, one each for at least main jet, idle jet, and mixture.
lawnmower, snowblower, chain saw small engines have had adjustable main jets forever.
why not on carbs ? the Percy's started out as a good idea, then got cheap made of plastic, now they crack and leak in no time.
the aftermarket just won't step up over this stupid money that is becoming more worthless by the day anyway.
the challenge is there...make a fully adjustable carburetor, without spilling gas, changing jets all day.
even a power valve piston spring could be adjustable with a screw by compressing or expanding it.
the ME Wagner PCV valve does it with a small spring, why can't the carburetor mfrs. do it.