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fbd73 08-20-2020 07:44 PM

Fender Braces
Hi All,
Has anyone put non original fender braces onto their car?
I don't like the original braces on my '73 so wondered if anyone had done something different.

Any thoughts?

72projectbird 08-20-2020 07:50 PM

I've seen all types of custom braces. Some people make them look stock, but made with aluminum. I've also seen them made with tubing and heim joints.

Basically whatever you can think of, it'll work.

critter 08-20-2020 08:05 PM

Aluminum. Blocker's Performance did those for a bit. Not any more. Larry N. here made them as well.

Baron Von Zeppelin 08-20-2020 11:45 PM

You are not required to have any.
70-72 didn't have them.

Could require use of a 70-72 style overflow assy.

Legal disclaimer -
*Deletion is not intended for highway use
*Could cause cancer in California
*Pregnant women, or women expecting to become pregnant, should not handle fender braces if removed.

fbd73 08-23-2020 01:44 AM

I have completely changed my overflow bottle anyway so no problem there. I just want something that isn't as bulky and looks more streamlined but is still practical.

FrankieT/A 08-23-2020 10:33 AM

I have mixed emotions on those braces... Good for support but in a front end collision they transfer the energy farther back creating more damage farther back.

Formula8 08-28-2020 08:02 AM

Custom works has them for 77-81. Not sure if they could work for a 73:

Larry Navarro 09-01-2020 02:27 PM

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I've got plenty of the aluminum barstock braces.

unruhjonny 09-01-2020 03:18 PM

I agree that the 73-76(?) braces look bulky, but as I recall that was done to pass increased crash standards;
The braces did get smaller for '77 (maybe earlier, I'm not an expert on this), so you could always use a '77 style brace, and overflow tank.

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