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NeighborsComplaint 05-26-2020 05:41 PM

Intake swap and SharkHide aluminum protectant.
Now that my car is out of the body shop. I am detailing it up a bit under the hood with some engine paint. I have to pull the intake off (ProComp RPM clone) to get at the valley pan which has some rust from a thermostat housing leak. The stock bolts were too long and bottoming out before clamping the water neck tightly. I am also replacing the headers with new ones of the same make that seem to have a much better coating than the old ones.

Since the intake is coming off, I can reinstall the ProComp (car seems to run just fine with compared to the old Street Dominator I had before it) but also also have a nice square bore Torker II I could thrown, Do you think I'd like the Torker II as well as the ProComp intake for the street? The carburetor and car are much more responsive off idle and midrange than with the old Street Dominator I was running. Would I even notice the difference between the Torker II and the ProComp when I put my foot in it?

I picked up a QuickFuel Slayer to try on it and intend to coat the carb it with Sharkhide Aluminum Protectant to try and keep the polished appearance. Curious if anyone has tried it on the polished carbs?

I am told 2K clearcoat turns yellow from heat and is also affected by gasoline fumes. My old polished Holley Street Avenger discolored immediately and looked like a junkyard carburetor in about 2 months. I have taken it off and polished it with a Dremel with no success. It literally oxidizes overnight in the summer humidity.

NeighborsComplaint 05-27-2020 08:37 PM

A bit wordy will cut to the chase.

Opinion : Is Torker II better for 455 than Procomp Dual Plane (Prof Products Crosswind)?

Any Experience w. SharkHide Protectant to prevent dulling of polished aluminum carb?

Let me know gents,


Larry Navarro 05-28-2020 06:45 PM

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POR-15 product "Glisten"clearcoat. I have used it numerous times on dirt bike parts and car parts.
Not affected by engine heat and It does NOT yellow on aluminum.
Not affected by fuel.
The modded Performer RPM Intake manifold on the '79......over 15 years with the "Glisten" application.

nytrainer 05-28-2020 07:40 PM

KBS coatings
I’ve used this and like it alot. I’ve cut it with acetone to vary the gloss but also comes in satin. Slow reducer more gloss. Called Diamond Finish. Scroll down on link.
Here’s the link

lust4speed 05-29-2020 01:23 PM

Check your port alignment on the ProComp while you have it off. Some have the ports on one bank shifted over an eighth inch due to casting problems. Bolt holes align fine so you can just set an intake gasket on each side and see if they are off.

NeighborsComplaint 05-29-2020 03:35 PM

Thanks for the suggestions.

Re: Intakes, I just revisited one of Jim Hand's old articles. I'm sure you guts have all read it but In summary comparison to stock cast iron::

* Pontiac Aluminum HO Lost .08 sec. and ,4 MPH
* Edelbrock Performer No change in ET or MPH
* Edelbrock Performer RPM Lost .05 sec. and .5 MPH
* Edelbrock Torquer II Lost .0l sec. and .1 MPH
* Edelbrock Torquer Lost .29 sec. and 2.85 MPH
* Holley Street Dominator Lost .25 sec. and 1.9 MPH

As my motor closely resembles the specs of his original build as tested (sans porting and 1.65 ration rockers), my head says stick with the current dual plane and swap my Jet Stage2 800CFM Quadrajet on it and see what happens. My gut says I will be putting the Torker II and Quickfuel combo on before it's all over though.

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