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  1. WARCHIEF400
    06-17-2014 12:06 PM
    I didn't get your E-mail in reference to endura call me at 301-892-1550 or E-mail me at temallory@msn.com
  2. miko
    03-10-2014 08:45 PM
    I hate stealing other threads so I'll just message you. I have a 403 in a 79 ta that runs fine. I just want more power. I had a shop clean up the heads and they're fine. I think(dangerous) that all I would need someone to do is to install the cam, heads and I'll probably need valves, springs etc. I'm not too well versed in the internal parts of an engine and don't want to get ripped off too bad. I don't need a race car but would like to be able to go to street night. I just wonder if I should be thinking $1,000 or how much more. Thanks
  3. HWYSTR455
    09-26-2012 07:37 AM
    The LeMans has been my daily driver since like '92, is on it's 7th engine, multiple transmissions, and several suspension setups. It's been up and down the east coast many times, and almost everywhere between the Mississippi and the Atlantic.

    I had my hands full with the OD conversion, so feel your pain! Glad to hear you got that under control, and am very interested in your results.
  4. goatwgn
    09-18-2012 06:11 PM
    Thanks for the reply, dont know why I didnt see it before. Looks like you drive your car like I do lol. Well, since i posted this, I have burned up the intermediate band twice. I think this engine is just simply overpowering the band on the 1-2 shift. I believe, that although some people have had good luck with them I am not one of them. Just dont trust it under full throttle anymore. I am going the GV route, mainly because I already had a good TH400 with a trans go kit that I had in the car before. I am having a professional Gv installer install the unit, I dont have the time (nor the patience to deal with it after having the 2004r out 5 times total.) This car was stone reliable until my OD installation. I dont know if there is such a thing as a "mild" 455 when it comes to torque. This engine will break the tires loose at 30 mph, and that situation requires the TH400, or 4l80e. The Gv unit is getting a controller that automatically shifts it at 45 mph or so into OD using a sensor that piggy backs the speedo cable. I will let you know how it operates when I get the car back Thursday-so you will have another reference. By the way- the problems i had with the CPT unit was as follows- I had a bad feeling when I first installed it and fluid come pouring out the front pump. Had that fixed, dealt with bang style shifting for 6 months, then the front pump broke in the driveway on a cold morning. Pulled it out, and sent it back. Got it back a few weeks later, worked fine for 2 years this time, then the anchor pin broke (always had the "bang" style shift.) Jakeshoe rebuilt it, "bang shift gone, drove a lot better, then after only 4 months, the band burned up. Sent it back to Jake, he was very good about rebuilding it, putting it in a test car, and then returning it after triple checking everything. I drove it for a couple of weeks, then it starting the slow slide into second again. Anyways, thanks agian for your input.
  5. HWYSTR455
    05-10-2012 01:43 PM
    I have to say hands-down, the 4L80E is the way to go. You can view my install thread here for pointers, and even did a cost comparison. I didn't like the GV unit because it's not really auto, and believe there's still mods you have to make to the tunnel. The 200 should be fine for the Olds. Not sure about your shift issue, but you want to get that ironed out before it does possible damage to the trans. I beat my cars to death, so no way will a 200 ever work for me.
  6. goatwgn
    04-19-2012 07:20 PM
    Hello sir. I have noticed you have made a lot of posts about trannys and would like your opinion on something if you don't mind. (Love your car by the way). I have a 2004r in my '66 Pontiac Tempest wagon with a mild 455, 3.42 gears and 26.7 inch tires. The tranny was last built by Jakeshoe, who did a very good ljob on it comparred to the original vendor(CPT). My problem is, i like to drive this car aggressively, and whenj the tranny warms up, it doesn't shift as well, which I think is the nature of the beast. I beleive this tranny would be perfect for my "Daily Driver" '74 350ci Olds Cutlass, but for the Pontiac, I miss my old TH 400s shifting, except I do like the OD. I am considering reintstalling the TH400 with a Gear Vendors, or 4L80E. What is your experience with this situation? The 2004r has the Billet forward drum, but I am leary of it long term with all of this torque in front of it.
  7. HWYSTR455
    06-24-2010 07:40 AM
    IA2, Moldex billet 4.25 crank, custom Crower rods, custom Ross pistons, Butler 310cfm E-Heads, Tomahawk mod for EFi, Accel 1350 3-bbl throttle body, FAST XFi, Accel dual sync (for SFi), TKO600, Mcleod twin disc, 9" Ford with 310 gears, 7.89 SCR, Procharger D-1, 12-rib, 16lbs boost, Baer brakes, hydroboost, GW tubular arms, springs, GW CAT5 leafs, ROH 18" wheels, Nitto 555Rs.
  8. stobin
    06-23-2010 12:42 AM
    Tell me more about your car. I really like the way you designed it. Very interested in the EFI and the combination of parts you used. I am still learning on the EFI set up. I can laptop tune it, but will be going to the dyno soon for some "fine tuning".
  9. stobin
    06-21-2010 01:55 AM
    Took your advice and created an online album for the GA.

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